10 Day Approval Process

Complying Development

The quick and cheapest way of getting a building approval is known as an Exempt or Complying Development Certificate (CDC).
To be accepted as Complying Development a building must be
  • Accepted with consent under your council LEP.
The development must also
  • Act in accordance with with the current Building Code of Australia.
A complying development certificate should be completed and approved in 10 days or less, if all applicable information and fees are paid.
For the proposed development to be applicable for a CDC it must comply with all the planning controls in full. Examples of such compliances are setback and height controls, landscape, site coverage & floor space ratios.
A CDC is based on the NSW State Government Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) and the CDC can bypass your local Council’s normal Development Approval process

What can I build under a CDC?

​As long as the above eligibilities are met – you may be able to build…
  • ​New homes
  • Alterations and additions, such as first floor alterations/additions and extensions to existing homes.
  • Garages
  • Workshops
  • Granny flats up to 60 square metres
Probably the most important consideration is being able to understand the CDC controls and being able to interpret them to get the full benefit and potential out of your property.
This is where we can help.
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Four Steps to building with a Complying Development Certificate

Step 1 – Determine Eligibility

Could I get a CDC to build on my site?
We can help to determine if you can build your proposal under the CDC.
Issues constraints such as
  • Zone
  • Land size
  • Flood affected?
  • Bush fire affected?
  • Heritage affected?

Step 2 – Order

  • Obtain a 149 certificate from council.
  • Obtain existing sewerage/service location diagrams – http://www.sydneywater.com.au/
  • Order a land survey showing all information relevant to your site: contours, roads, ridge lines, neighboring houses window head & sill heights, easements etc
We will endevour to
  • Draw up your extension plans to meet the requirements of the Codes SEPP
     Issues: setbacks, landscaping, BCA
  • We can organise your BASIX certificate for the design if required.

Step 3 – Lodge a CDC Application

Your local council or private certifier will check the proposed plans.
If they meet all of the requirements, a CDC is issued within 10 working days.
If your CDC is returned, you can either:
  • Amend your plans and lodge the CDC application again.
  • Lodge a Development Application (DA) with council.

Step 4 – Start  building

Once the CDC is approved and issued you can start the build immediately.
At the completion of the critical stages, the PCA will do some inspections and once the project is complete the PCA will issue an Occupancy Certificate (OC)
You must give your neighbors at minimum 2 days notice (preferably more) before you start building work.