FAQ’s / Fees

Anticipated time for each project has many variations (according to, if you want plans for an Exempt Development,  simple extension or a major alteration to your residence. But as a guide our fees are usually around the $3,000 – $4,000 which usually equates to 30 – 40 Hrs of our time

Please note it is hard for us to give more exact costs as all jobs differ but we find that about 75% of our jobs fall into this price range.

Q. What do you get for these costs?

Initially we will need to make a set of CAD Drawing showing exactly what is currently on your existing property – Initial check measure existing building – $5 per Sq M.

This is an important 1st step, and is what council usually require plus it gives you an existing plan of what is currently there, to scale, so you can do some initial sketch layouts using tracing paper as an overlay.

We can produce whatever drawings that council require from you (in PDF format) so you can submit to council. Contact us for an obligation free price estimate for your project.  Example of a full set of drawings is shown below (note: guide only)

  1. Site & sediment control plans.
  2. Site Analysis Plans (including Site Description, Floor Space Ratio, Deep Soil Areas, Landscape Ratio, Boundary Setbacks)
  3. Floor Plans
  4. Elevations
  5. Sections
  6. Shadow Diagrams (normally only required for 2 storey additions)
  7. Window & Door Schedules
  8. Electrical Plans
  9. Notification plans

Q. Some extra costs that may be required on top of the above drawing sheets?

  1. Survey Plans (if required) – Surveyor Required $ At Cost
  2. Waste Management Plans – $TBC
  3. Basix Certificate (for construction costs over $50,000 if required) – $TBC
  4. Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) – $TBC
  5. Council related costs, meeting and or the DA submision (if you require us to do – Hourly Rate)
  6. Engineer related costs, meetings – $ TBC
  7. Paper copies of the plans – At Cost

All of the above can be arranged by us if required. Call us to discuss your options

Exempt Development Drawing Costs

If your job falls into Exempt Development (such as decks, balconies or fences etc) you may not need to go to council and therefore some of the above drawings will not be necessary. If this is the case we can give you a quote to supply you some basic drawings so you can start to get quotes from builders/carpenters and start work immediately.

An Exempt Development basic set of drawings costs for less than $1,000 might include –

  1. Make CAD Drawing of Existing Premises – Initial check measure existing building – $5 per Sq M
  2. Floor Plan
  3. Elevations
  4. No Council plans to submit – just get quotes from contractors.

Below are some useful links for Exempt Development